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Birth & Postpartum Doula Services

Birth Doula Services

At Vital we are committed to supporting women’s physical and emotional health at all stages of pregnancy and beyond. That is why we’re thrilled to now offer birth doula services in Toronto to all our pregnant clients and Postpartum doula services in Toronto to all our postpartum clients.


A doula is a professionally trained birth attendant. Doulas provide emotional and non-medical physical support to birthing women and families. Our birth doula support begins during pregnancy, when we get to know each client’s individual story and hopes (and fears too!) regarding birth and becoming a parent. We work closely with families every step of the way.

The benefits of having a doula are well documented. Most importantly, having a doula can help women feel more satisfied with their birth experience — no matter how it unfolds. If you’re still not sure, ask around. You will be hard pressed to find a mom that regrets hiring her doula!

A doula is not just for individuals hoping for an un-medicated birth. We support birth in all its forms and strive to help women feel better prepared for their births (and navigate the unexpected if and when it occurs).


We have the benefit of providing birth doula services by our staff psychotherapist, Lindsay Witton.


Lindsay is a Registered Social Worker and a trained birth and postpartum doula. To book a consult with Lindsay regarding doula services, please contact us.


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