How to Successfully Return to Work After Maternity Leave

How to Successfully Return to Work After Maternity Leave

Going back to work after maternity leave is hard! Whether you are excited about going back to the “real world” or dreading the 9 to 5 grind, it’s going to be a transition for mom, baby and……the entire family! To help prepare you, here are some essential tips for a successful transition back into the working world!


  1. Treat Yourself!

    You’ve just spent 12 months (in many cases) focusing on raising your beautiful, tiny human. Now is the time to starting thinking about you and plan something exciting for your transition back to work! The caveat here is that you are just coming off maternity leave; so money might be a bit tight.  However, if you can find it in the budget to get yourself a shiny new outfit, shoes or even a fresh haircut, chances are this will make you feel great and excited for that first day!  Check out style experts Shop Girls or Smithery Style for some ideas and inspiration!


  1. Change…Limit It!

    Your daily routine is going to be changing  A LOT! As much as you can, limiting  the number of changes at work in the first few months or year will definitely makes for an easier transition.  For example, if you can go back to work for the same department, same job or same boss, it will be a lot less stressful (pending your job) than starting something different, having to learn new skills, meet new people and adjust to a new work environment!


  1. Ease Your Way In…

    There is no ‘rule’ that says we need to return to a full 5 days of work immediately. You are a hard working, amazing employee and your employer, in many cases, is just grateful to have you return to the office! If you are feeling overwhelmed at the idea of returning to a Mon-Fri, 9-5pm immediately, then perhaps you have the option of going back part-time at the beginning?  It can be a challenge to go from full-time mom to full-time mom plus (insert job here), so consider working your way up by starting with three or four days a week.


  1. Flexibility

    Once you start work, you’ll go from spending 24/7 with your cutie to seeing them much less during the week.  My son went to bed at 6pm, so had I kept my pre-baby hours I wouldn’t have seen him!  I changed my working hours so I could be home to spend time with him before bed time and I also talked to my boss about working from home once per week so I could enjoy my lunch and breaks with him. Flexible working arrangements are becoming more the norm in today’s world! Make sure to discuss the flexibility you are seeking with your boss/team before going back to work so that it is figured out well before you start!


  1. Find your League

    You are not alone! Transitioning back to work is a challenging time, so make sure to find people you feel comfortable talking to leading up to or as you transition back in to the working world. It could be colleagues who are also moms, maternity leave friends and so on!  Trade tips on how to manage the transition, or even just trade kid stories/photos so you can have that moment during the day when you need it.


  1. Be a Hog…

    It’s okay to hog your little one! Keep your plans to a minimum in those first few weeks or month. Those weekends will be extra special, so if you want to tell family and/or friends that now isn’t a good time so you can enjoy some 1:1 quality time – do it! You’ve earned it!


  1. Hacks

    It will take time to adjust to your #workingmom life so make it a little easy on yourself and outsource what you can!  From cleaning services to meal & grocery delivery services such as Fresh City Farms and Marble Meals.


Good luck with the process! Hopefully these tips give you some ideas, but remember that sometimes it just takes a bit of time to adjust to your ‘new’ normal. You got this mama!



About our Guest Blogger Ronit:

Ronit Soroksky is the Founder of League of Moms, a directory of services for Greater Toronto Area moms and moms to be with reviews by real moms A.K.A the League!

She started League of Moms because she had a negative experience with a photographer during her first mat-leave which made he wish she had more information… that was her lightbulb moment!

There are over 300 GTA businesses listed on from doulas to lactation consultants to babysitter services to various baby programs. Ronit’s vision with League of Moms is to create a community and resource for moms like you and they hope to help each mom through the crazy journey that is motherhood!


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