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Perinatal Social Work

Perinatal Social Work

At Vital, we understand that having a baby can be both an incredible and amazing time in your life AND it can also be a really challenging time.


New mothers and parents are often faced with mental health challenges during pregnancy and after having their baby.

During this life stage women are uniquely vulnerable to mood and anxiety symptoms and may struggle with:

  • Feeling a loss of control
  • Mama-guilt and feelings of inadequacy

  • Scary thoughts of harm and danger
  • Memories of past trauma (birth-related or other)

  • Changes to their identity and relationships

If you’re reading this and struggling, or aren’t sure, we are here to help!!


Psychotherapy can help you work through these challenges and more. It can help you cope with difficult feelings, process life changes, and feel more grounded and present as a mom.


We offer complimentary 30-minute telephone psychotherapy consultations where you can speak with Lindsay Witton, MSW, RSW.  You can talk about what you are experiencing, ask questions and decide if you’d like to book an intake session.


To get to know Lindsay click here. To book a complimentary telephone session with Lindsay click here.


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