At Vital, we are honoured to provide you with expert multidisciplinary care focused on women’s health and pelvic health. We are a group of women committed to empowering, supporting, educating and inspiring women.

Pelvic Physiotherapy


Pregnancy and delivery (both vaginal and C-section) impact the pelvic floor muscles and connective tissue, often causing discomfort and pain. Although pelvic pain and dysfunction are common, they are not normal! Our expert team of pelvic physiotherapists here at Vital are here to help you optimize and take control of your pelvic health! Click here to learn more.

Physiotherapy for Blocked Ducts


With the use of therapeutic ultrasound, our qualified physiotherapists can safely and effectively treat blocked milk ducts. Click here to learn more!

Massage Therapy


Obtain a moment of complete relaxation with our massage therapy that is extremely beneficial for aches and pain during the prenatal and postnatal period! Click here to learn more.

Naturopathic Services


Looking for a holistic natural medicine approach? Our naturopathic service helps in the prevention and treatment of conditions using natural therapies. Click here to learn more!

Chiropractic Care


Our chiropractic services include locating and correcting any misalignments to make sure your body is functioning optimally! Click here to learn more.

Cancer Rehabilitation


Our physiotherapists can help you in the management of the effects of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy to get you feeling better! Click here to learn more.


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