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Welcome to Vital Physiotherapy and Wellness

20 Jun Welcome to Vital Physiotherapy and Wellness

Welcome to Vital Physiotherapy and Wellness – where we genuinely change lives every day!

My name is Chana Ross. I am the owner and one of the pelvic floor physiotherapists at Vital. I started on my own pelvic health journey because I was experiencing pelvic pain after giving birth to my second child. My doctor sent me for testing. The tests came back negative and my doctor (who I love and is wonderful, by the way!) told me that everything was ok and sent me on my merry way.

Except that I wasn’t ok. Except that I was in pain and unable to hold in my pee and I was still dealing with diastasis recti ……….… I. Did. Not. Feel. Ok.

And then I discovered that a dear friend of mine was training to become a pelvic health physiotherapist. Pelvic health (or pelvic floor) physiotherapists are registered physiotherapists who are further trained in this specialized area.

I figured, why not?

That decision changed my life.

I am no longer in pain.

I am free to exercise and live my life.

I even had another baby….. and then another!


These conditions are completely treatable with pelvic physiotherapy. It’s not a miracle- it’s just muscles- but muscles can be strengthened and stretched and healed.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy changed my life. I want to change your life.

Get in touch with me and we can see how pelvic physio can help you!

With love,


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