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14 Dec Motherhood Perfectionism

  By: Dr. Shaila Callaghan   Hi, I’m Shaila, and I’m a recovering perfectionist.   Oh, you too?! Perfectionism is pervasive in motherhood. Our society’s idea of the “supermom” is leading to increased pressure and self-criticism for Mom’s old and new. But, here’s the thing I’ve learned about Motherhood: It is inherently...

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10 Mar Read This if you are Ready to Take Charge of Your Endometriosis!

By: Dr. Christine Matheson, ND   As a Naturopathic Doctor, many women who experience pelvic pain or painful periods often share with me that they’ve been told that they might have endometriosis, and that endometriosis may be the reason that they are experiencing pain - but what...

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09 Dec The Most Important Exercise You Can Do To Strengthen Your Core Immediately Postpartum

By: Julie Bagshaw, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Helping mamas strengthen their core postpartum is where I love spending my time as a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Most postpartum clients come to Vital after their six-week check up where they’ve usually been ‘cleared’ by their doctor to return to...

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